Due to some delay at the airport, the journey to the Mekong ICT camp venue was really long. We started working right away and the secretariat was really hard working… I think they finished at 2am last night.

Today, the secretariat and the facilitators are working hard to make sure the programme will run well tomorrow till 29th February.

This is Klaikong aka King Kong and he’s the boss for the Mekong ICT Camp. You don’t wanna piss him off.

Facilitators working hard… That’s Dong on the left and Bobby on the right. The FOSS is really strong in them.

A peek into the secretariat room before everybody arrived.

We are busy but we are all jolly!

  1. still have the “jollibee” spirit with you, huh? Did you eat at Jollibee again when u were here?

    anyway, Klaikong looks like he hasn’t slept for days..have a great Mekong ICT camp! Send my regards to our Thai friends there. 🙂

  • Of course Ela… how could I leave Davao without the Jollibee moment?

  • Ela Says:

    hahaha..I am now calling you ‘Jolliboy’..hehe..:P

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