Want a greener city?

If you would like to live in a cleaner and greener capital city, you may consider joining the following groups near your neighbourhood to preserve the dwindling greenery in our city.

Friends of Bukit Kiara
* Ensure all developments in the Bukit Kiara Green Belt reflect the
area’s tropical forest heritage as envisaged by the 1976 Public Park
Master Plan and re-affirmed by the 27 February 2008 seminar;

Friends of Kota Damansara (Sungei Buloh Forest Reserve)
* Restore the remaining forest in Kota Damansara to its status as Sungai
Buloh Forest Reserve which was created in 1898 and promised as a green
lung by former Menteri Besar in February 1994;

Save Ampang Hills
* Protect the Ampang hills from rampant, destructive and dangerous
development by halting disturbance of slopes greater than 35 degrees as
agreed by Cabinet on 22 June 2002;

Save Bukit Sungai Putih Forest (Taman Cuepacs)
* Prevent further mudslides at Taman Cuepacs by restoring Bukit Sungai
Putih Permanent Forest Reserve and Wildlife Reserve and re-gazetting the
area forthwith;

Save Taman Melawati Hill
* Reconsider development of the hill in Taman Melawati Phase 3 to leave
behind a green heritage that can be used as a living classroom for the
nature programs of our children;

Save Taman Subang Ria (Park)
* Prevent any development at the Subang Ria Park, the last green lung in
Subang Jaya, and ensure the area remains an urban park;

Save Ukay Heights
* Ensure that there are no more landslides in Ukay Heights by rejecting
all proposals that violate the provisions of the Rancangan Struktur
Negeri Selangor on hillslope development; and

Signature Campaign Teamwork Saujana Puchong (Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve)
* Restore UPM’s research plots at Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve next to
Saujana Puchong and find a more suitable place for the proposed cemetery
and crematorium.

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