What happen when XP is gone?

If you are getting a new machine from PC makers such as Dell, HP, and others, you will notice that there is not more option for MS XP. MightgoSoft had discontinued the distribution of XP since the beginning of 2008.

RIP XP. But what would you do in the brave new world without Windows XP. Will you move on to Vista?

Will FOSS Operating gain a bigger market share? Will it be good news for Mac OS X?

I found this when I was reading PCWorld.com:

“Windows XP has mature to where is the best OS in the market. It’s better then Leopard or Tiger from Apple. It’s more convinient than Linux and it has gone to a point that I feel it is very secure. Of course nothing is 100% secure, but Windows XP comes very close. The performance is much better than Vista and right now there are more compartible programs to XP than Vista. What would had me jump into Vista, a new file system and a faster seach engine, it’s not being deliver. So why switch? Vista is a XP with a fancy look, nothing more. XP has become as secure as Vista, without the slowdown.”

Whoa… I’d blown away by a 100% XP fan.

  1. it would be a good news for OSX more im afraid… unless vista becomes more idiot-friendly and does not require more than n clicks to reach a particular configuration option.

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