Mrs McFish’s reply #1

Dear Frog-about-to-Riot,

To remain as a professional columnist that is objective and respond to any desperate hail, I won’t put my personal comment on frogs, especial the party-hopping ones, here. However, I can’t stop people from hating you though.

It is your right to hop. And since you are a frog, you have no other options to move around without hopping and no one can take the hopping away from you. But you have to bear in mind that the slime balls who organise the old parties do not like you hopping around when their parties have no more fun. And if the new party organisers won’t trust you because you might hop to another party if you find another more interesting party.

You are a party-hopping frog. It’s a fact and no one can change it. So be it.

All the best,
Mrs McFish

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