Satu Lagi Projek Kerajaan Barisan Nasional

Last Friday, the roof of Sekolah Menengah Wakaf Tapai school hall in Marang, Terengganu, collapsed. Lucky that it didn’t happen during school assembly.

The 2million Ringgit roof was reported being used without CF since 2005. Bernama say one hor. The Education Ministry fler said: “We were issued a temporary CF while waiting for the CF to enable the school to be used because of pressing needs at the time.”

Ok. My questions:

1. A temporary CF will have magical power to make a building safe?

2. It takes more than 2 years to get a CF? What happened to those cepat, tepat, mesra, hebat, etc… slogans?

The school had also been instructed to stop using its industrial workshop building because its roof also appeared to have structural problems. Whoa… Does that mean the sequal is coming really soon?

The official revealed that their investigations show that there were soil movements where the school was built, but the fler said this did not affect the overall safety of the four building structures of the school. Erm… This statement sounded a bit like shooting on his own foot though.

Anyway, I was well assured that the school kids will be safe because the official said “ALL NECESSARY STEPS would be taken to ensure safety would be paramount at the school.”. Hello…… what are the necessary steps please? Who issued the TEMPORARY CF in the first place?

At least this time, someone from the government is saying something that make some sense… State Education, Higher Education, Science and Technology and Human Resources Committee chairman Ahmad Razif Abd Rahman asked the ministry to inspect all school halls with the same design in the state to ensure safety of students and teachers in the schools concerned. But who is monitoring the inspections?

  1. vincenthue Says:

    hmm.. this one must ask the Kerisman and his KERonys to answer.. Anyway.. not his kid’s school.. Like Alfred E. Neuman will say.. “What me worry” off with the keris.

  • …………..
    namo… amen… allah…
    they will face their retribution pretty soon…

  • youzi Says:

    some suggestion of better solutions:

    – dun do assembly in hall, do it outside. exposure to sun help absorbing vitamin D, good for health;
    – do classes outside class under trees, close to mother nature, green good for eyes, open space, air also fresh, brains also better, our new generation got hope…

    sound silly though, but at least guarantee kids’ safety.

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  • vincenthue Says:

    youzi, what if it rains?

  • tuna Says:

    then students can buy umbreallas from the ex-ministers at a subsidised price.

  • vincenthue Says:

    no tuna, then the education ministry can ask a crony to supply umbrellas at a $uper Inflated Price. Money to go around and also to buy a Super keris for mentally challenged minister in the next UMNO gig too.

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