Nerdy Science T-shirts Series 1

I am going to the printing shop to print these two latest design of mine. Who wanna print one? Let me know. Each T-shirt should cost around USD5. Read this site to turn yourself into a nerd.

Note: My friend asked me to put a copyright thingy to the two design. Ok lor. People, please don’t copy without permission.

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  • I wan both~~

    L size thanx 🙂

  • ET Says:

    Yeah, thanks dude, xs for ET please.

  • WTJ Says:

    i want that too!

  • WTJ Says:

    the first one
    2 – L

    second one
    2 – L

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  • chen jie Says:

    i wan too …L size …

  • Jue Says:

    hairy arms…

  • tuna Says:

    hmm… the arms are not for sale though…

  • youzi Says:

    one s size, the top one~~~

  • Kai Xiong Says:

    I like the self-deprecating humour behind those words but there’s something else to think about. Will we end up portraying science as a subject exclusive for nerds?

    I want one in any case! 2nd design, Size L.

  • shag Says:

    One skype shirt please. size M
    Prefer grey shirt if available.

  • claire the cat Says:

    sam!!! i want i want i want


  • Alessandro Says:

    Hey!!I am genetically modified but…one L for me!!!

  • Ale Says:

    hey!I’m genetically modified but…I wanna one!!!

  • ... Says:

    Is it too late to order one? I want a medium of both!

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