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Hello Indonesia!

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Just woke up in a tent, in the middle of a campsite halfway up to a volcano, in a national park 4 hours off Jakarta. You might wonder if I am participating in “Survivor Java”… nope. I am not. I am participating in a geeky/nerdy/techie meeting at this place.

We only have intermittent 512Kbps in this nature reserve… shared by 79 people, but it’s 7.50am here still not many people are using the Internet yet.

Therefore, I might not be posting often for the coming week.

Who made this HDD?

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Remember the Columbia space shuttle accident about 5 years ago? They found the HDD among the debris and guess what? 99% of the data were recovered from the HDD that been through earth re-entry heat and the fall from 200,000 feet at the speed of 12,500 mph. More news from AP here.

I wanna know who made this HDD man! And those who think they can destroy their criminal records from HDD… think twice before you wanna pour some gasoline on it or throw it from the second floor.