Ubuntu 9 for Netbook!

I bought an Acer Aspire One for almost a year and Linpus has not been that impressive in terms of performance. The update support on the platform seems to be frozen. No new updates are available for the past few months except for the prompt asking me to install the Thai keyboard layout thingy that I don’t need.

And then I read on the tech news that Ubuntu 9 is out and it has a version for netbooks and Aspire One is on the list that it can run on! Hurray! Finally, we have a viable and perhaps a good replacement. And I heard that the new Ubuntu has the driver for the USB bluetooth adapter (Aspire doesn’t come with built-in bluetooth).

However… there are 2 lines of text bugging me, making me think twice before I try it out.

1. Media card reader not hotpluggable. Have to boot the machine with a card in the slot.
2. Recording from microphone stutters when Pulseaudio (audio recording software) is running

Should I try? or should I not? Not that I use the card reader everyday on my netbook. And I never ever used the sound recording feature on my netbook running Linpus.

Aiya!!!! How lah!!! Install or not to install???

  1. Go for it, I just installed it on mine and it works great. 🙂

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