Have a Hong Kong X’mas and Happy New Year

The past few days were not nice at all. It was raining and cold. My clothes were hanging at the balcony with a moldy smell. A few of my colleagues in the office fell sick. There was a case of confirmed H1N1 flu in the campus. And to make it worst, Christmas is just around the corner and the city where I am staying is not celebrating it. Believe it or not, the only place where I can see Christmas decoration in Shantou is Walmart. It is that sad in city of approximately 6 million.


The antidote for such negativity in the festive season is rather simple. Hop on a bus and escape to Hong Kong and have a full blast special Christmas consumerism therapy in HK. 🙂

My colleagues and I had a back-to-back movie marathon. We picked the feel good movies. We had a roller coaster ride with a Charles Dickens classic in 3D, and right after that, we had a good laugh, love and tears with “Julie & Julia”. The guys (not me) are going back for more at midnight.

“Julie & Julia” is about food, French to be exact. Right after the show, we went straight to a Italian place called Fat Angelo’s. Well, Italy is right next to France. In fact, I guess anything European would feel nice after the movie. The salad with Italian dressing is a must, because it comes free with the pizza. But we picked the New York Long Island pizza (Claire, we miss ya!). We also stuffed ourselves with different kinds of pastas and also a roast chicken for Jerry. And the freshly baked bread was great. Pefecto! Mmua Mmua! and I am not disclosing the amount printed on the bill.


I am meeting my aunt tomorrow for breakfast. And let’s see what will transpire tomorrow. Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

  1. Yes,Shantou is not a city where people will celebrate Christmas. A pity!

  • MERRY CHRISTMAS! none the less!

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