Christmas Day

Woke up early on the Christmas Day. Not because it is a bright sunny day (even it was a nice bright sunny day)… but I got a class at 8am.

After the class, I went for a hair cut and wrapped some Christmas gifts.

Had a shower and changed into something relevant to the day. Then I went off to distribute the gifts.

Then some geeky people came over to cook. Nothing can be geekier than this… go online via mobile phone while cooking.

My colleagues, friends and a couple of students each contributed something to the dinner. A rather sumptuous dinner with tasty Sake and sucky wine. But the wine is still good after the Sake. It helps promote blood circulation. 🙂

  1. Nguyev, Vietnam Says:

    Dear Sam,
    Im Nguyen from Vietnam. I see that your website so nice. wishing that you are always happy and healthy. I also worked on Christmas day hihhihi

  • Hello Nguyen, nice to hear from you! 🙂

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