Waving with Adobe Air

Recently, the blogger group that I am part of had a lot of discussion online via email thread… it became really horrific when we have hundreds of emails with different branches and threads. So, one geeky blogger (not revealing his name here 😀 ) suggested that we use Google Wave. Which is a great idea. But many are skeptical of Wave as they are so used to either email or YM/MSN client. And they complain that Wave runs slowly on their web browser.

To solve that problem, let me introduce you to WAVER! A small desktop app written for Adobe Air runtime. All you need to do is to install Adobe Air support (something like Java virtual machine) and you can download this small application from Adobe Air Marketplace.

Picture 1

One good thing about Adobe Air, the apps are very small and it runs across Windows, Mac and Linux. Waver is only one of the many apps available in the fast growing Adobe Air marketplace where a lot of useful widgets/apps are available for free. I have downloaded a bunch to handle pictures and stuff. It’s worth a look.

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