RM30 high speed train ticket. Worth it or not?

A couple of my friends asked me this question about the KTM ETS train ride. So is it really worth it, or not? I find it very subjective because the sense of “worth” is a very personal thing.

So, if you are in a hurry or an emergency, it is not worth it. Because the time that the train needs to bridge the 200-km distant is around 2hr30min not as claimed by the announcement on the train as 2hr13min. Any thing that needs more than 2hrs to go 200km is simply not fast enough.

If you are driving, you may say it will worth it because price of gasoline and toll has gone up significantly for the past few years. It is more than RM50 to drive.

If you want to have an extended meal break with your business partner or client. It will worth the money. Two and a half hour is long enough for a business meeting and close a deal. Make sure you tapao some sushi from Sushi King, that will help you to think that you’re taking a ride from Tokyo to Osaka while having a lunch meeting on the bullet train. Believe me, it will make you feel better. And since you can claim from your company, it is definitely worth it.

If you regularly take bus to shuttle between Ipoh and KL, and you also happen to like the bus ride, then it is not worth it because the bus ticket is half the price of the train ticket. And the bus will reach KL faster than the train most of the time.

If you like to walk around and make regular visits to the toilet during your trip, the train ride will worth the RM30. The train has 6 coaches, long enough to walk until you sprain your ankle. The toilet is also cleaner (because it is new) and more spacious, perfect for laosai-ing.

The last but not least, if you have been to Japan and tried their bullet train, there’s only two outcome, worth it or not worth it. You will feel it worths the RM30 because the bullet train is much more expensive (RM506 to travel 552km for 2+hrs). If you consider comfort and speed, then you will think: Only RM30 mah, cannot complain loh.

But personally, I think a lot of people will think it worths to pay RM30 for the ride because there’s nothing else in the country to compare with.

  1. Train:-
    RM 30 – 2 hrs 30 min

    RM 15- 2 hrs ????

    then y pay more ar?

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  • Tuna Says:

    eh… because they paid a lot to buy the train, so must transfer the cost to users? by the way, it is not

    RM 30 – 2 hrs 30 min

    RM 15- 2 hrs ????

    It should be:

    High Speed Train:-
    RM 30 – 2 hrs 30 min

    Normal Bus:
    RM 15- 2 hrs ????

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