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Sunday DIY project

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

No being a strict environmentally friendly human being (I know mother earth, I should’ve done better), sometimes I don’t put things to waste. I collected some unwanted paper bits from the office and turned some of it into a box and turned the Nescafe boxes in the kitchen into utility storage boxes as well using the unwanted papers. Turned out to be a relaxing Sunday DIY project at home. Kids, please absolutely try this at home because it is perfectly safe and harmless to help earth to be a better place.

DIY Lomography

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Do have a lomo camera? And your camera is taking perfect pictures? You wanna “screw” your digital photos bit to make it look like its taken via a plastic lens… Then Photoshop can help you. There are plenty of resources online. Just Google “photoshop lomo effect” follow the steps. Each blog or website will teach you slightly different techniques but basically you can get the work done pretty easily. This is what I have done to Jesus. Oh Christ!