Panasonic Econation Centre

After taken a long leave of absence, positive vibes are back for some action. Thanks to YB Eli, I am a VIP today to witness the launch of the Panasonic Econation Centre, the new attraction in Section 16 PJ.

Just when I think VIP is special… the people who get special attention are the VVIP la. Ceh! Why don’t they just classify me as “ordinary people” and keep the VIPs as VIPs? Anyway, the VVIPs today all got balls la. Literally, the YBs are given balls to complete the elements of nature. YB Eli got the purple ball to match her clothes.

OK… Stop paying attention to the VVIPs and take a look what’s at the back. This is what you’re go to see from now on when you drive pass the Section 16 flyover. The centre will be open to public for free on Friday and Saturday from 10am to 5pm (except for public holidays) starting 6th August 2012. Go have a look to know more about energy harvesting, storage and management (using Panasonic’s technology of course). If you need an address to pin it on your google map, the address is 70, Jalan 16/1, Petaling Jaya. Science teachers should get their students to visit.

Well, I asked for the press kit and I have been given a press release, a program sheet, a fact sheet (actually got 2 sheets of paper la) and the CEO speech. I am not gonna do a media spin here because I am a V I P today ok. So I will just be honest with my observation. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a usual Techniama rant I promise. So I will just post the Fact Sheet here for you to make your own judgement and to be fair please pay a visit to the place before you say anything about the Fact Sheet please.

Face Sheet Page 1

Fact Sheet Page 2

Fact Sheet Page 3

While many are interested in the interior design done by Federal Furniture (yeah! finally, something not from Ikea show room), I am actually more interested in the energy aspect. What to do? Techie ma… So I just show you boaring things like boxes containing batteries and stuff, not fancy furnitures.

As usual, the energy of the model house is generated via PV cells, the energy are stored in the lithium-ion (see left bottom of the picture above). Unfortunately, the capacity of the battery pack now is still not high enough. That means, to have enough storage for the whole house, you may need to dedicate of your bed rooms to put a lot of these. But it is a good start, battery with similar capacity is getting smaller each day. The one on the bottom right is the charging station for electric vehicle.

This is not a fridge. This is a model of the fuel cell technology developed by Panasonic. I was expecting a Doctor Emmett Brown wannabe to explain this Mr Fusion in a huge box to me but no one seems to be talking much about this. I persume Mr Fusion is still not a viable solution at the moment. I shall wait for that day, I want it in my car!

Personally, I think managing energy use is very important. Why waste energy that you spend so much effort to generate right? I am amazed by the system actually.

As our TVs are getting smarter, perhaps one day we can have a energy manage app running on a TV and get rid of the remote controls. 🙂

To push the concept further, Panasonic actually diam-diam (well, at lease many of us in Malaysia didn’t hear about it la) build a smart town in Fujisawa, Japan. I hope one day they will experiment it in Petaling Jaya lo.

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