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Dog on the Moon

Friday, September 16th, 2016

Long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… there was a M-class planet with primitive pre-rocket humanoid civilisation. No one on has left the atmosphere of the planet. There’s a moon for planet that shines bright night, the iron rich surface of the moon radiate a red brownish hue that fascinated the civilisation for the longest time. The scientists has aspired to land on the moon for two reasons, to clear up the myth whether there’s dog on the moon and to find if there’s any essential minerals for the future.

Meanwhile back on the ground, there was a farmer, a police officer, a thief and a teacher in a small settlement on the planet. The farmer and the police were arguing for the longest time about the dog on the moon. So they argued and argued and started to neglect their jobs. The farmer stopped attending to his farm less and spent lots of time thinking of a reason why there should be a dog on the moon. The policeman stopped patrolling the streets and never stopped trying to convince the farmer otherwise.

It was nearing the harvest season and the farmer was still obsessed with the dog on the moon debate. For some quick bucks, the thief took the opportunity to harvest the fields on the farmer’s behalf. The teacher caught the thief, instead of handing him to the policeman, he tried to find out why thief resorted to stealing.

The thief was looking for a job as a farmhand but turned down by the farmer not because he was not capable of harvesting the fields but he’s from another clan. The segregation of the clans has been going for a few decades, the small town has been so deeply divided and the clan where the thief is from had been marginalised. So he had no choice, and also out of revenge, but to steal from the farmer to feed his family.

The teacher understood and talked some sense out of thief. They later went to see the farmer. They found farmer in the neighbourhood bar arguing still with the policeman. Neither the farmer nor the policeman budged and they nearly went into a fight. The teacher intervened and told them how they neglected their responsibilities in the society. Until the scientists have figured out how to get on the moon to see if there’s a dog or not. Two of them would never be able to be sure about that. The teacher also told the farmer about the thief and he convinced the farmer to take the thief as his farmhand. The policeman was ashamed because he should be stopping the thief instead of arguing in a bar. The teacher last words of that incident was: “Fellas, we have so much things to do on this planet, we shouldn’t waste our time for the dog on the moon.”

The Government and The State

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

There is a stark difference between the Government and the State. First is the spelling. Government has 10 letters and it starts with G while the State has only 5 letters and it does not start with the letter G.

These two terms have been around for a very very long time. So long until the commoners, yes I am referring to all of you and myself of course, use them in an identical sense when the same government stayed in power for the longest time. Even the not-so-commoner King Louis XVI who once got delusional and said “I am the State”, and the price he paid was his head on the ground (or in a basket?).

It is easy for common people to get confused what government and the State are. That’s exactly what the government wants! Not knowing is better than knowing! Just imagine, a sheep farm will be a very different place if all sheep share the same IQ scores as the shepherd. Right?

The cut the long story short, the State has 4 elements. Namely:

1. A Permanent Population: consist of everybody living together as “a” community, not “Malay”, “Chinese”, “Indian” and “Dan Lain-lain” communities.

2. A defined Territory: we all stay in a geographical area with a national boundary.

3. A Government: we pick the people to administer the State every few years, using the Constitution as the guiding light to keep the population happy.

4. Sovereignty: this means we have the authority over our territory. We have the power to make laws and we have the right to self-determination.

Think of it this way: the State is the body, we are the cells, the government is like the brain that runs the body. Government is part of the State, not the other way or to confused them to be the same entity. The only good thing about it is, you can’t change your brain for your body but you can change your government for your State.

If you still cannot notice the difference… I have no more words for you.

Panasonic Econation Centre

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

After taken a long leave of absence, positive vibes are back for some action. Thanks to YB Eli, I am a VIP today to witness the launch of the Panasonic Econation Centre, the new attraction in Section 16 PJ.

Sunday DIY project

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

No being a strict environmentally friendly human being (I know mother earth, I should’ve done better), sometimes I don’t put things to waste. I collected some unwanted paper bits from the office and turned some of it into a box and turned the Nescafe boxes in the kitchen into utility storage boxes as well using the unwanted papers. Turned out to be a relaxing Sunday DIY project at home. Kids, please absolutely try this at home because it is perfectly safe and harmless to help earth to be a better place.

DIY Lomography

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Do have a lomo camera? And your camera is taking perfect pictures? You wanna “screw” your digital photos bit to make it look like its taken via a plastic lens… Then Photoshop can help you. There are plenty of resources online. Just Google “photoshop lomo effect” follow the steps. Each blog or website will teach you slightly different techniques but basically you can get the work done pretty easily. This is what I have done to Jesus. Oh Christ!