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RockMelt: Your browser, re-imagined

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Hello Interwebs! The rumors are true… starting today, we’re offering access to an early version of RockMelt, a new browser designed around you and how you use the Web.

With RockMelt we’ve re-thought the user experience because a browser can and should be about more than simply navigating Web pages. Today, the browser connects you to your world. Why not build your world right into your browser?

Your friends are important to you, so we built them in. Now you’re able to chat, share that piano-playing-cat video everyone’s going to love, or just see what your friends are up to, regardless of what site you’re on. Your favorite sites are important to you, so we built them in too. Now you can access them from anywhere, without leaving the page you’re on. And RockMelt will tell you when something new happens.

Share or tweet links often? Yeah, us too. No more wading through each site’s goofy share widget or copy-pasting URLs. We built sharing directly into the browser, right next to the URL bar. Like a site or story? Click “Share” and BAM – link shared. You can use it on any site to post to Facebook or tweet about it on Twitter. It’s just one click away. That easy.

And by the way, if you’re in the middle of THE Kingdom, just forget what you’ve just read. RockMelt will be just another Google Chrome browser because it won’t work. For the record, this is NOT RockMelt’s fault.

You can still visit though. Bye-bye.

How to get to China from Taiwan?

Monday, November 8th, 2010

I wouldn’t want to try this even I am the best swimmer in the world…


Thursday, March 25th, 2010


This is the most read news on 25 March 2010… The Star readers (should be mostly Malaysians) are so obsessed with sex. I think Chua Xui LeX should get into “action” again if he wanna win the election and before we start to forget who he is. 😛

Tax on Plastics

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Our very-clever PM announced in the 2010 budget that there will be a RM50 tax on each credit card. The justification is… need money for “development” of the nation. Well, I think the justification is lame, just totally lame. What makes him think credit card holders should bare more cost for the “development” of the country? Oh I forgot that he is very clever one. Simple logical deduction… If you make money, banks give you credit. When you have credit, you are rich. So credit card holders are rich flers. Wow, how come I never thought of that one? This is so enlightening. Okay… A human being has two legs. A bird has two legs too. Birds can fly. Now everybody can fly.

Today, we have a even-more-cleverer reader of The Star and he/she (because it’s a pseudonym) wrote a letter to the editor. He said using credit card is a more convenient and efficient way of doing business transactions in Malaysia and it can be a live saving tool during medical emergency.

And then, he went on to say the following:

“In our Prime Minister’s quest to help the rakyat live a more prudent lifestyle, it is my hope that he will not rob us of our right to basic credit facilities. I suggest that the RM50 credit card service tax be imposed on the second card onwards, not the first.”

The fler ended his letter with this paragraph:

“I believe we all agree that the credit card is an important tool for business and personal convenience. By acting on this suggestion, our Prime Minister will certainly strike the right chord with the rakyat.”

Hello…?! This suggestion is definitely not striking my chord. Can we propose a law that says you cannot rob the first person you see but it is ok to rob the second one onwards?

I strongly urge this fler (if he/she is Malay) to join Umno because he/she is more cleverer than the PM and should be the successor. If he/she is not Malay, so sorry, you can’t do anything about it.

Real Zoo with Animals

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

The badger brought Badawi
The noddy came with Najib
The needle fish fetched Nazri
The seal got hold of Syed Hamid

Let’s build a zoo
and stuff it with animals
It’s so cool
and better than Zoo Negara
A bunch of fools
with nothing new
Let’s go to the zoo
there’s lots of things to do

The mouse drove Muhyiddin
The rooster invited Rais
The hamster dragged Hishammuddin
The monkey ushered Mat Taib

Let’s build a zoo
and stuff it with animals
It’s so cool
and better than Zoo Negara
A bunch of fools
with nothing new
Let’s go to the zoo
One by one queue up to view