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The Government and The State

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

There is a stark difference between the Government and the State. First is the spelling. Government has 10 letters and it starts with G while the State has only 5 letters and it does not start with the letter G.

These two terms have been around for a very very long time. So long until the commoners, yes I am referring to all of you and myself of course, use them in an identical sense when the same government stayed in power for the longest time. Even the not-so-commoner King Louis XVI who once got delusional and said “I am the State”, and the price he paid was his head on the ground (or in a basket?).

It is easy for common people to get confused what government and the State are. That’s exactly what the government wants! Not knowing is better than knowing! Just imagine, a sheep farm will be a very different place if all sheep share the same IQ scores as the shepherd. Right?

The cut the long story short, the State has 4 elements. Namely:

1. A Permanent Population: consist of everybody living together as “a” community, not “Malay”, “Chinese”, “Indian” and “Dan Lain-lain” communities.

2. A defined Territory: we all stay in a geographical area with a national boundary.

3. A Government: we pick the people to administer the State every few years, using the Constitution as the guiding light to keep the population happy.

4. Sovereignty: this means we have the authority over our territory. We have the power to make laws and we have the right to self-determination.

Think of it this way: the State is the body, we are the cells, the government is like the brain that runs the body. Government is part of the State, not the other way or to confused them to be the same entity. The only good thing about it is, you can’t change your brain for your body but you can change your government for your State.

If you still cannot notice the difference… I have no more words for you.

What Legacy?!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

How do you feel when you bought a ticket to watch a Star Trek movie (after watching all the prequels) and you sit in the cinema realising that you are watching Star Wars? Maybe this analogy is not good enough… Ok. Let me put it this way… You’re a James Bond fan, you’ve watched all the Bond movies for the past 50 years. How do you feel when you bought a ticket to see the latest actions of Double O Seven and you sit in the cinema realising that you are watching Double 0 Nine? This is how I felt when I watched the following:

Join STOP 114A action!

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

The world is not lacking bad things to report… Internet freedom in Malaysia is being threaten again. Netizens! Come join the movement against those bozos who don’t know how to deal with new challenges brought by new technologies. Internet has been around for decades, if they still don’t know how to live with it they should become exhibit A in the Museum of Modern Communication Technology.

USD9.99 for a fortune telling app?

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Are you freaking kidding me? The app developer must really fortunate to have idiots paying for the fortune telling app…

A letter to Panasonic

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Dear Customer Support,

I was touring Japan during Chinese New Year holidays this year and happy that I bought the GH1 there to record my memories. The camera performs well till now, but both of the strap lugs had detached from the body by themselves within 3 months after the purchase. This is clearly a manufacturer defect.

I was away from Malaysia after that incident and was using the camera without the strap (very inconvenient) till I came back a few days ago. I took it to the Shah Alam service center today only to find out that I need to pay more than RM300 to fix something which is not caused by my own neglect. Even checking it will cost me RM50.

I am extremely disappointed with this outcome. It just shows that customers are not the core of the after sales service of Panasonic because the customer care representative just brushed me off saying that she can’t do anything to help me because I bought the camera in Japan. I was told that the warranty is not valid in Malaysia. I just have to pay.

I need to fix the camera anyway because I just can’t walking around with camera with an obvious defect (which does not serve well for Panasonic branding too) in my trips. The RM300++ charges for fixing two camera strap lugs just made a dent into my confidence in Panasonic. I am pretty sure that my next camera purchase will highly probably not be a Panasonic camera.

For your information I am also posting this email to the Internet as well just in case it is being brushed off.

Thank you very much for your attention.