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Forest Stewardship Council in Malaysia?

Friday, February 26th, 2010

I still vividly remember my first trip to Sarawak with my friends a few years ago. Our destination was a long house community deep in the forest. So we took plane to Bintulu. From there, we were on a 2-hour boat ride, followed by a ride over the hills on the 4-wheel-drive and another round of boat ride to reach that remote neighbourhood.

The sad thing about the trip was hectares of land were being deprived of it’s natural green covers even before we touched down at the Bintulu airport. The scenery on the way to the longhouse were more or less the same, barren land which is orange in colour. So the long house was not that deep in the forest after all, it was actually deep inside the vast deforested land. Forestry in Malaysia, like many other countries, is about money. Valuable timber to be harvested at all cost. Seriously lacking the attention to the other two dimensions: the environment and the people depending on the forest for livelihood.

I first heard about the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) a few years ago. Responsible management of forests on the planet is what they are preaching through a certification system that is recognised internationally to make sure companies, organisations and community dealing with the forests are using the forests without harming them. You may get more details from FSC’s web site.

From what I know, the FSC processes in Malaysia have not been smooth because there are no compromise between the companies who would like to harvest the timber, environmentalist who would like preserve the environment, and the people (mostly the indigenous people) depending on the forest for livelihood. To make things worst, there are hardly any political will to solve the issues. Conflicts appear often because the economics of the timber industry always out weight the environmental and social impacts of deforestation. I always wonder if the balance can be achieved at all?


Saturday, January 9th, 2010

cocktail, cocktail
hatred molotov cocktail
one for A/G
one for Assumption
another one for the Life Chapel

I walked upon the street
and saw screaming racists
violence is all they preach
a threat to society it seemed

did the enforcement really care
to serve justice and be fair
living the the state of blackmail
where all the leaders had failed

cocktail, cocktail
hatred molotov cocktail
one for A/G
one for Assumption
another one for the Life Chapel

We once geared towards IT
worshiped Information Technology
Some people redefined IT
set course for Internal Terrorists

they commit act of terror
they want to create fear
I live no days in horror
because I am not inferior

cocktail, cocktail
hatred molotov cocktail
one for A/G
one for Assumption
another one for the Life Chapel

Tax on Plastics

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Our very-clever PM announced in the 2010 budget that there will be a RM50 tax on each credit card. The justification is… need money for “development” of the nation. Well, I think the justification is lame, just totally lame. What makes him think credit card holders should bare more cost for the “development” of the country? Oh I forgot that he is very clever one. Simple logical deduction… If you make money, banks give you credit. When you have credit, you are rich. So credit card holders are rich flers. Wow, how come I never thought of that one? This is so enlightening. Okay… A human being has two legs. A bird has two legs too. Birds can fly. Now everybody can fly.

Today, we have a even-more-cleverer reader of The Star and he/she (because it’s a pseudonym) wrote a letter to the editor. He said using credit card is a more convenient and efficient way of doing business transactions in Malaysia and it can be a live saving tool during medical emergency.

And then, he went on to say the following:

“In our Prime Minister’s quest to help the rakyat live a more prudent lifestyle, it is my hope that he will not rob us of our right to basic credit facilities. I suggest that the RM50 credit card service tax be imposed on the second card onwards, not the first.”

The fler ended his letter with this paragraph:

“I believe we all agree that the credit card is an important tool for business and personal convenience. By acting on this suggestion, our Prime Minister will certainly strike the right chord with the rakyat.”

Hello…?! This suggestion is definitely not striking my chord. Can we propose a law that says you cannot rob the first person you see but it is ok to rob the second one onwards?

I strongly urge this fler (if he/she is Malay) to join Umno because he/she is more cleverer than the PM and should be the successor. If he/she is not Malay, so sorry, you can’t do anything about it.

Better browsing experience?

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

opera mini f chink
better browsing exprience my ass!

Kaching! Reasonable Mara Pricing

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

The following are the pricing of computer equipment and related stuff (as reported by the Star) at Mara college of Balik Pulau in Penang.

1. Acer Aspire laptop: RM42,320 per unit. (bought 2)

2. Computer with network card: RM7555 per unit. (bought 450)

3. 19″ monitor: RM 8,500 & 17″ monitor costs RM7,500. (mixture of both for 450 units)

4. Laser printer HP P3005X: RM7,722. (bought 15, market price RM5k)

5. Teaching manuals in comb-binding photocopies: between RM1,398 & RM2,945 (spent RM358,476)

6. Computer software that never been used: RM2.08million

7. same LCD projector 1 lab cost RM3,500 but another cost RM8,000

8. Swivel stools: one cost RM340, another cost RM350 and another cost RM450, and some cost between RM810 to RM1,050 per unit.

Mara had submitted a letter to the Finance Ministry to say that the figure was reasonable.