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Obituary & Message to Hit-n-Run Sinners!

I am taking this very personally. I got this message from a friend:

Jack Nathan, lead guitarist for 360 Degree Head Rotation and a close friend of over 15 years, was killed last night in a hit and run accident last night Sat 23 Sept 2006. Jack would have been 41 years old on 6 Oct 2006. Funeral is Monday 25 October 2006 at Kampung Tunku Crematorium. I assume there’ll be services today and tomorrow at his sister’s house: 6 Jalan SS3/32 – Kelana Jaya.

360D Head Rotation is one of the rare gems of Malaysia (most of us are not as talented as the Filipinos I think). I was sad and furious at the same time. And I would like tell the fella who hit Jack Nathan and ran… and also the rest of the hit-n-runners. This is what you guys are gonna get:


You have not choice but to go through Stage 1 and 2. Stage 1 is when you are alive and Stage 2 is when you’re dead. You can’t escape this for the rest of your life and even when you are dead. I don’t want you to die. I want you to SUFFER for what you did!

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