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Be strong

Ever since you sang that song
for the defenders of our rights
I often put it on and sing along
never expected it to be a tribute for you tonight

In times of hardship, you asked us to be strong
with comforting words and hopes in sight
But today everything went terribly wrong
Why God choose to exercise Its might

You’re like a star
the brightest in the starry nights
dancing gracefully with the northern lights
shinning tirelessly as our guiding light

In moment like this, I will put on that song
remembering you in this lonely silent night
though it is difficult but let’s be strong
let’s band our hands and strive on for our rights

Let’s hear that song again…
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toni kassim
Toni Kassim


The Star, Wednesday June 4, 2008 MYT 4:29:56 PM

Activist Toni Kassim dies (updated)

SHAH ALAM: Human and women’s rights activist Zaiton Kasim passed away at 5am Wednesday, after months of battling cancer.

She was 41.

Zaiton, who was affectionately known as Toni, passed away in her sleep at her sister’s home in Batu Tiga, Shah Alam. She was laid to rest at about 1pm at the Batu Tiga muslim cemetery.

Her peers described her as “witty, passionate, a wonderfully caring person, one who had an infectious smile and a great sense of humour, a defender of human rights, one whose heart and soul was in her advocacy”.

Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (Arrow) director, and a close friend of Toni, Saira Shameem said she was “multi-diversed and a very strong lady”.

“She was involved in so many things – film, TV, drama, human rights advocacy, women’s rights, Islam, AIDS and so many other issues.

“Toni was the kind of person who never said ‘No’ to any challenge, especially if it was about helping others,” she said.

Among the non-governmental organisations (NGOs) Toni was involved in were Sisters in Islam (SIS), Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram), the Joint Action Committee (JAC) and Women’s Candidacy Initiative (WCI), where she became the first independent woman candidate to run in the 1999 general election.

“She contested for the Selayang seat. She didn’t win, but she reduced the majority-vote by about 30,000 votes.

“She was planning to run again in the recent general election, but she was already ill then,” Saira said.

Toni was diagnosed with fourth stage duodenal cancer in February, and had undergone chemotherapy once. She also practised reiki as an alternative treatment.

Women’s Aid Organisation president Meera Samanther said the best thing about Toni was her ability to relate and reach out to the man on the street.

“She had that knack and ability that not many people have,” she said.

SIS programme manager Norhayati Kaprawi said Toni’s passing was “a great loss to all of us”.

“Advocacy was her life,” she said.


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  2. City Hunter
    Posted June 6, 2008 at 12:09 am | #

    She’s a great person to hang around with. The last time I was with her was in 2003 October, when Sam, Sonya, Theresa and a bunch of us attended the conference on human rights and environment in Cambodia. Somehow, I believe I’m destined to meet her again, but not under the circumstances I expected-I read her death in today’s The Sun. And mind the readers, I hardly get to read The Sun, if at all. Only so happened I have an assignment in KL Convention Center to man the bank’s booth that I have a bit of free time to flip the papers. So, farewell to a warrior of our times. May your spirit lives on, and bless our humanity conquest on and on. Goodbye, Toni.

  3. Posted June 6, 2008 at 1:36 am | #

    Shanon 是她非常要好的朋友。如果我在场,我也会肯定流马尿的。。。

  4. Posted June 6, 2008 at 5:37 pm | #



  5. Siew Eng
    Posted June 11, 2008 at 2:21 am | #

    hey sam. can we play this at her memorial organised by pang and jerome at cm this saturday?

  6. sam
    Posted June 11, 2008 at 2:39 am | #

    Of course you can! Please send me any photo or video of the memorial… Thanks!

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