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Phi Phi after Tsunami

My schedule has been very hectic recently. Didn’t even have time to post some pictures that I took during my vacation to Phuket. Phi Phi Island was part of the packaged tour there. A bit shocked to see the scar of tsunami on the beaches of Phi Phi. There you go.. my first installment of Phuket pics. The mood is a bit sad for this round but I promise to post something positive later. Got to remind ourselves how powerless we are when mother nature strikes.

It has been more than a year and reconstruction is still going on.

This is the beach before tsunami. Found this on the net.

Took this at the same location during my trip there. The blue lagoon fantasy has been replaced by rocky nightmare. Sad… 🙁


  1. Posted September 19, 2006 at 12:43 pm | #

    so sad. 🙁 but then again, who says nature is supposed to be pristine and idyllic. maybe it is time for us to review how we view nature. often, we are too quick to assume the role as stewards of the environment only to be caught by surprise when we are swallowed by it.

  2. sam
    Posted September 20, 2006 at 3:40 am | #

    totally agreed. 😉

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